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KPR Communications, LLC serves as a foundation of purpose and elevation. Through connection, conversation, and commitment with metro Detroit's most innovative and positive influences, our work awakens every client’s unique purpose and connects them with people and organizations of a similar vision to fulfill and cultivate a greater good.  


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community relations

More so now than ever before, organizations and professionals have a responsibility to their community. As pillars of economic and moral strength, their neighbors rely on organizations to give back to the community that supports them. This involves sponsorship, eco-friendly initiatives, partnerships, charitable giving, and much more. 

Media Relations

We have an insatiable appetite for updates and information, and the way people get their fix in constantly in flux. And, whether you're a local business or an international name, everyone does something newsworthy from time to time. Let your good doings be seen and understood by pitching for media coverage. This can include: being featured on a popular blog or magazine among your profession, talking on the radio, entertaining television for a few moments, and, of course, sharing your good works and exciting news on all of your social media platforms. Media relations can be a tool for promoting special events, acquiring volunteers, and reaching your target population. Typically, it's a combination of two or more! 

Content Creation

Content is a critical piece of your communication strategy. Whether you're blogging every day or once per month, writing SEO-rich pages for your website, taping an engaging video announcement, providing a physical or online newsletter to your target markets, sharing on social media, preparing a speech, or anything in between, you're relying on content. When applied strategically, organic SEO, an entertaining voice, and an abstract picture can be the difference between building trust with your community or just contract-to-contract jobs. 

Event Coordination

"Event planning" does sound like something anyone could do - and it is. But event coordination is not like throwing your kid's tenth birthday party (although it could be!). Event coordination is indeed a strategic form of communication. It's finding or drumming up an opportunity for publicity, and connecting with your target public on a personal level. From the invites (or e-vites!), food, and beverage to the venue, favors, and speech, event coordination ensures your organization is seen, heard, and, most importantly, remembered. 


Whether you're going to a community event or trade show, or just reminding people that you are there for them, you sometimes need to invest in larger-scale communications. This includes tangible pamphlets, cards, mailers, e-blasts, and advertisements. While marketing is typically not the primary mode for communicating, it is sometimes a nice supplement to the overall strategy.

Anything and Everything PR.

Defining the scope of public relations is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall - there's substance, but you can't quite pin it down. If you're an organization that is trying to communicate to and influence a target public, then you need public relations. The creativity and strategy will organically develop as we clarify your needs and goals, and work toward your organization's unique aspirations.  


Paid-for time and space has an expiration date.
Your relationships and reputation do not.
— Katie Pusz


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