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Giving a Voice to Your Vision

Less motivated to buy based solely on their material desires, today’s consumers continue leveraging their purchasing power as a vote on which causes, business practices and missions they support. Not so much concerned with the aesthetic allure of their clothing, technologies and vehicles, customers are being sold on the story, image and identity their belongings represent - a ticket into the communities that make them feel at home.

Through multi-media storytelling, thought leadership, inbound marketing efforts and respected reputations, KPR Communications gives a voice to socially responsible organizations driving innovation and passion within their industries. Hand-in-hand with my clients, we brand your organization’s vision through an identifiable and consistent voice that your markets can trust and will want to echo through their support.


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Often found typing away in one of my small, lake town’s local pop-ups, I’m the founder, author and one-woman team behind KPR Communications, LLC.

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content and Messaging

Everyone knows communication is key in any relationship - and that includes business. Regular contact with your audiences not only keeps you relevant, but it continuously confirms your voice and identity within your market. Today’s content umbrellas everything from industry-specific blogs, SEO-rich webpages and email campaigns to a social media presence, speeches, and podcasts. Establish a voice that resonates with your audiences and speak it into your messaging efforts. Branding your organization with an identifiable voice establishes a stable platform from which you can branch out and grow your presence.

Corporate Culture

Did you know the best marketing actually comes for free? It’s true, and it comes straight from the opinions and stories shared by your team members. Our digital world provides an accessible podium for staff and consumers alike to rate and review organizations on everything from the moral of their business character to their check-out experiences. Give everyone something (positive) to talk about by establishing your core value roots within your organization. Champion your community of team members by giving visibility to their great works. Internal staff spotlight series, quarterly company newsletters, TV slides, guest blogs, lunch and learns, and more is a successful strategy that appreciates and unifies your current team while lowering turnover, and setting standards that recruit the right people for the right seats.

PR & Media Relations

Did you watch the news today? Check in with the president on your Twitter feed? Like a heart-warming story on Facebook? Listen to the radio? If so, then you realize all the different mediums that people rely on to keep them up to speed with the happenings of the world. Telling your story isn’t just the occasional press release announcing exciting new ventures (although that is part of it!). Modern PR is multi-media and succeeds only as an everyday effort of showcasing your brand across a variety of platforms. Cross pollinate your messaging by pointing to press releases on your social channels. Speak a thousand words in the form of a picture on Instagram. Allow your audiences to share in experiences, such as grand openings, special announcements, interviews and more, by streaming it on Facebook Live.


Paid-for time and space has an expiration date.
Your relationships and reputation do not.
— Katie Pusz


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