KPR Communications, LLC
Kindness. Purpose. Roots.


Rooting My Purpose in Kindess


To clearly connect, communicate, and carry out the positively-influential messages and missions of organizations within the tri-county area.

In a nutshell, to help good people do even better work in the great city of Detroit.


KPR Communications, LLC, serves as a foundation of purpose and elevation.

Through conversation and commitment, our work awakens every client’s unique purpose and connects them with people and organizations of a similar vision to fulfill and cultivate a greater good.  



To our clients, community, connections and, most importantly, ourselves.

Positive Purposes

Our work gives life to the unique passions that each individual and organization holds, and continuously grows that passion into a purpose that positively serves others.


Your inspirations can take root in light of our commitment to nourishing purpose and harvesting fruitful results that feed the needs of others.


Katie Pusz

Entrepreneur/Public Relations Practitioner/Dog Mom   

As an inspired public relations practitioner, I founded KPR Communications, LLC as place that I could root and grow all that I want to envision and innovate in the metro Detroit community.

Like most, I wasn’t entirely positive about “what I wanted to be” the minute I enrolled in university. I declared several different majors before realizing two things: I did not want to pursue advanced chemistry, and I did not want to be limited to one profession. I found something I was passionate about in each major, but couldn’t see myself practicing any of them for the rest of my life. Luckily, through much trial and error, I did discover one thing: I knew I was a passionate person. I was attracted to the positive outcomes and results that these professions offered which, luckily for me, is evident and blossoming in the city of Detroit. On any given day, I could stroll across Anthony Wayne Drive, or any inner-city street, and see people advocating on behalf of a greater good, making change in the lives of many, and working to solve community disparities.  I also knew I loved communication – writing and public speaking made me feel alive and, to my humble surprise, were also areas in which I was often complimented by professors and employers. Finally, I was piecing myself together! Professionally, at least.

Fast forward a million Google searches, phone calls, and interviews later, and I finally intersected with the public relations profession. I was hooked from the intro class. Not only were the topics and assignments both exciting and applicable to “real life,” but the PR community was something I had never experienced. Deciding on Wayne State, I expected to be a small person in a big city. What I discovered was a close-knit, neighborly community full of people with diverse strengths and pursuits. Some were tree-hugging bloggers, others were minimalist designers, and one was even a regimented on-campus housing coordinator. The one thing they did have in common? A desire to do good by their passions, and by others. We all gathered up our strengths, weaknesses, struggles, and dreams, and came together as classmates, neighbors, and friends. Included in our collective chaos were also our college instructors, who guided us with strict but loving hands all the way to graduation.

On campus, I was Vice President of Chapter Development for Wayne State’s PRSSA chapter for two years, the mentor for the Fundamentals of Public Relations course for one year, and the marketing assistant for Wayne State's College of Nursing for one year.

In the real world, I was a non-profit PR intern for The Detroit Historical Museum and, later, the Scleroderma Foundation Michigan Chapter, a public relations assistant for two local PR start-up companies, and a legal public relations practitioner/marketing coordinator for: Fraser & Souweidane PC, Olsman, MacKenzie, and Wallace, Peacock Law PC, and The Darren Findling Law Firm.

Packing every possible opportunity into every 12-hour (sometimes 15-hour) day taught me much about who I was and aspired to become.

And here I am. Through creative, strategic writing and interpersonal and mass communication, I am still doing my best to make positive, purposeful impacts for the great people of Greater Detroit!

I am also human. I live for comfort food, running, my family, and holidays. When not “in the office,” I’m usually trying my mixing spoon at new recipes (much to the joy of my mutt’s insatiable appetite), testing my running speeds, or enjoying time with my loved ones.

Thanks for stopping by my site and spending some time learning about me. I hope to hear from you! If not for a public relations need, just a friendly “hello” and maybe a cool story about something positive you’re doing in your community.

In Kindness, Purpose, and Roots,



B.A., Public Relations
Wayne State University, Summa Cum Laude


Board of Directors

  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving - Regional Chapter


  • Wayne State University's Public Relation's Undergrad Program

Standing Member

Kindergarten Catechist

  • St. Anastasia Catholic Church